Color Therapy

Top Coat

Nail & Cuticle Oil

Well, Well, Well

Sheer Nirvana

Rosy Quartz

Powder Room

Steely Serene

Haute Stone


Mud Mask

Chai On Life


Blushed Petal

Couple's Massage

Glow With The Flow

Primose and Proper

Mauve Mantra

Berry Smooth

Pampered In Pink

Rosy Glow

Ohm My Magenta

Exotic Acai

Soak in Sunset

Auran't You Relaxed


Haute Springs

Red-y To Glow


Good As Blue

Soothing Saphire


Slicks and Stones

Reflection Pool


Miracle Gel

Top Coat

Get Mod

Little Peony

Crème de la Crème

Birthday Suit

Cream of the Crop

Bare Dare

Plush Blush

Pinky Promise


Pink Cadillacquer


Shock Wave

Regal Rosé

Totem-ly Yours


Pretty Piggy

Electric Pop

Malibu Peach

World Wide Red


Poppy Patch

Scarlet Starlet

Red Eye

Pink Tank

Off With Her Red

Rhapsody Red

Dig Fig

Can't Beet Royalty

Bordeaux Glow

Pink Up

Tipsy Gipsy

Pink Stiletto

Mad Women


Street Flair

Hunger Flames

Boho A



Sugar Fix

Byte Blue

Tidal Wave

Midnight Mod

B Girl




Let's Get Digital



Slate-r Girl

Stiletto & Studs

Blacky O

Game of Chromes

Sweet Tea

Bourbon Belle

Terra Coppa


Wine Stock

Spice Age


In The Sheer



Love Me Lilac

Cabernet With Bae

Adrenaline Crush

Red-y, Set, Run!

Beet, Pray, Love

Jealous Boyfriend

Swim Upstream

Sheer Happiness

Orchid-ing Aside

Leaf Me Be

Lilac Insomniac

Tawny Travels

Flushed Wanderer

Frill Seeker

NEW After Altar

NEW Shellebration

NEW I Lava You

NEW Golden Glow

NEW Ocean Daze

NEW Just Maui'd

Complete Salon Manicure

Clear'd For Takeoff

Let's Snow

Sheer Ecstasy

Shell We Dance

Pink a Card

Sweet Talker

Arm Candy

Almost Almond


Nude Awakening

Devil Wears Nada

Mauvin' on up

Au Nature-al


Pink Pong

So Much Fawn

Brown Nose

Stellar Style


Style Icon

No Ifs, Ands, or Buds

Get Juiced

Hello Pretty

Tulips Are Talking

Happy Daze

Back To The Fuchsia

Tickle Me Pink

Damsel In Success

Jewels Of The Trade

Orchid Me Not

Ruby Do

Pat On The Black

Fool's Gold

You Glow, Girl!

World is my Oyster

Freedom of Preach

Peach of Cake



Ginger Zinger

Raisin The Bar

Scarlet Lacquer

Kook A Mango

Warm Regards

Red My Lips

Red Over Heels

Society Ruler

Wine Not

Rags To Riches


Luna Pearl

Grace Shell-y

What In Carnation?

Flora Donna

Grape Gatsby

A Perfect Tin

Clean Slate

Plum's The Word

Talk is Chic

Commander in Chic

Seal of Approval

Gilty Party

Gleam Supreme

Snow Globe

In Full


Sky's The Limit

Dream Boat

Crush On Blue

Ripple In Time

New Suede Shoes

Blue My Mind

A Bleu Attitude



Tropic Thunder


Pardon My Garden

Bow To The Queen

Black and Blue

Hooked on Onyx

White Here White Now

Pearly Whites

All Grey All Night

Grey Dreaming

Steel My Heart

To the Moon and Black

Midnight Sky

Lucky Dress

NEW Know The


NEW Off The Shoulder

NEW Blush Against

the World

NEW Rose To

The Occasion

NEW One In

A Melon

NEW Killer Heels

NEW Red It Online

CSM Beautifiers

Nail Primer

Nail Corrector

Matte Top Coat

Fast Dry Top Coat

High Gloss Top Coat

Nail + Cuticle Serum

Tools & Treatments

Big Matte Top Coat

Big Shiny Top Coat

Big Peel Off Base Coat

Big Kwik Dry Top Coat

Big Primer Base Coat

Big Cuticle Oil

Big Crackle Top Coat

3D Gel Shine Top Coat

Nail Rehab

Hard as Nails Hardener

Complete Care 7-in-1 Nail Treatment

Cuticle Rehab

Moisture Rehab

Complete Salon Manicure Cuticle Eraser + Balm

Complete Salon Manicure Dry & Go Drops

No More Mistakes Manicure Clean Up Pen

Salon Formula Nail Polish Remover

Kwik Off Salo Formula Nail Polish Remover

Airbrush Legs - Fairest Glow

Airbrush Legs - Light Glow

Airbrush Legs - Beige Glow

Airbrush Legs - Medium Glow

Airbrush Legs - Tan Glow

Airbrush Legs - Deep Glow

Airbrush Legs Lotion - Light

Airbrush Legs Lotion - Medium

Airbrush Legs Lotion - Tan

Airbrush Legs Lotion - Deep

Airbrush Sun - Light to Medium

Airbrush Sun - Medium to Tan

Nail Shaper


Clean Cut

Ahead of the Curve

Finest Fingernails

Cuticle Tamer

Nip 'Em On The Go

Clip N' Catch

Treat Your Toes

Go Toe To Toe

Sole Control

Soften Your Step

Flirty Eyes

Sexy Curls

Give 'Em The Eye

The Now Brow

Get in Shape

Mighty Mini

Raise Some Brows

Stray Hair Beware

Easy Tweezy

Brows That Wow

Perfect The Arch

NEW Gel Rehab

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